27 juin 2010

Swagger Can Mean a Variety of Good Things

Stay with me on this, especially those who thought there was no hope for an cheap money clips team that had difficulty making a first down in the Big 12 Championship.

Swagger is often the result of showing your confidence a little more independently and spontaneously than perhaps even you intended. Nebraska swagger is based on conducting yourself in a way that would automatically earn respect. That's why it intersects with character, includes heart and features mental toughness, attention to detail, selling out to the process, putting the team above yourself and showing a willingness to listen to your coaches, so that you understand a fundamental truth: It's not about you. It's about the team.

No wonder players often take on the personalities of their head coach.

Wednesday night was a cheap necklaces, a transformation if you will, and emotion was bound to spill over because an offense that wasn't going anywhere and had been given up as virtually comotose was suddenly everywhere, making yards on first and second downs, converting third downs, scoring touchdowns, making a record four Holiday Bowl field goals (from Mr. Reliable himself, Alex Henery), and, in the process, making everyone feel good, so they could laugh and be happy.

Admit it. You were as shocked by Nebraska's offensive performance against Arizona as I was typing on this computer late Wednesday morning when an earthquake, measuring 5.9 on the Richter Scale, moved the machine an inch or two while the 14th floor of the Marriott Marina Hotel shook so dramatically, you could actually feel the building sway.

That means those of you who have been so down on Nebraska's offense that you thought it would take an act of nature to change its course got just what you wanted on Wednesday night. The earth actually moved, and Nebraska's offense moved with it.

We forgive you for being shocked, but we're not fibbing when we tell you it did not cheap pendants a single Nebraska coach or Husker player we talked to.


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