27 juin 2010


Congratulations to at least 30,000 Nebraska fans who gave up some silver necklaces presents and withdrew some major cash from their treasured savings accounts, so they could spend those last precious days of the decade in a place where it's never supposed to rain - Southern California.

Nice move and good timing.

You saw history made here Wednesday night at Qualcomm Stadium - Nebraska's first shutout in its storied 46-game bowl history and the first shutout ever in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, an annual event known for explosive scoring and loud cannon shots. And just for the record, it really was the first time it rained in 32 Holiday Bowls.

But no one really cared because the Huskers steamrolled 20th-ranked Arizona, 33-0, in a game that really never was close. Nebraska scored the Holiday Bowl's quickest ever touchdown, 95 seconds after the game started ... and the Huskers were the ones who silver pendants off!

Apparently, they were also the ones who were ticked off because they had some emotional ammunition from their head coach, who indicated that the Wildcats, among other things, didn't respect their talent.

"Thanks to all of our great fans for coming out and supporting us here ... I just want to say that Nebraska's back, and we're here to stay," Husker Head Coach Bo Pelini said, hoisting the Holiday Bowl trophy after becoming NU's first head coach ever to win his first three bowl games.

No surprise there, especially when you read all the other interesting late-season defensive milestones from Pelini-coached teams.

But here's the best thing about the whole night: Against the U of A, which was wearing special white silver rings to match its new white throwback helmets instead of its customary blue helmets, the Huskers found something they hadn't seen or felt since the non-conference season. And it's something they will need to make a serious run for a national championship in 2010 - some real, honest-to-goodness offensive swagger. It may not have stopped the rain, but it did stop the pre-game trash talk.

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